Friday, 11 November 2011


Okay. As I'm sure most of you already know, November is the National Novel Writing Month - 30 days of literary abandon in which participants, such as myself, will have to finish a 50.000 word novel. It's tough, I must admit, but it's gone pretty well for me during these past eleven days. I'm at 21.000 words and have barely even finished writing the beginning of my novel (suggesting that I actually have quite a long, outlined, "full" novel to write!). For those who are interested in keeping track of my progress, I've added a word count widget to the right side of the screen. Green means I'm well over the necessary word count; yellow means I'm where I'm supposed to be; and red naturally means I'm slacking off.
Tonight I'm going to a Weekly Write-In, meeting other NaNo'ers for two hours, sitting together in a room with our laptops and cups of tea, and just writing. I don't think I've ever written as much during one month as I'm doing now, and I LOVE it (although it's very tiring).

Anyhoo, now you guys know why I'm not updating my blog very often. I'm too busy with other things, unfortunately. ^^' But by the end of the month, I'll tell you all how NaNo went and I'll try to write more interesting posts - and more often. (Depending on when I finish the novel)
I'd love to hear from you!