Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Write for YOU

It may seem obvious, but I don't think people realise it - you can write whatever you like, however you like, and no one can stop you from putting whatever it is YOU want in your story. 

Yes, I write so that I can someday become published, but I also write what I would want to read. If others don't have the same preferences, that's fine. 

My fiction teacher recently said that J.K. Rowling - my absolute favourite author of all time - is not a good writer; she said that she was just lucky to have published her book at the perfect time. 
My blood boiled when I heard her say that. 
Who decides what makes a good writer anyway? If Rowling can't be said to be a genius writer, then who can?

Ok, so this is just random ranting on my part, but some people just make me so angry...

Your story matters, people!
And don't ever forget that.


  1. Great post! I totally agree with you, and of course J. K. Rowling was lucky to have been published when she did, but aren't all authors, you might catch an editor on a bad day but your book could be bestseller, likewise you might catch an editor on a good day and your book might stink...cough..Twilight...cough(but it sold, so I don't think I should rant).

    Good luck with the future!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, she was lucky, but to say she's not a good writer... But who am I to judge, I did say everyone has their own preferences. xP
      (I'm going to let your Twilight comment slide, haha)

  2. I think Jo is a brilliant writer with boundless imagination. She said herself that she was lucky to have the idea for Harry Potter but how much thinking, plotting, world-building and writing had to be done before it became the success that it did? She was lucky to get an agent too, but as far as I'm concerned she's a genius.