Monday, 19 December 2011


Okay, I know I haven't been posting much - at all. But I guess that blogging isn't my thing. I think I've realised it a while now. For me it's more of a diary, of things that happen to me and what I think about it... but that doesn't draw many viewers, I'm afraid.

The first semester of my creative writing course is done, anyway! Wohoo! And in a few days I'm going HOME, back to my preciousss Sweden (which I've only started appreciating once I've been away from it, I might add...). 

It's going to be so nice to go home, gosh, how I miss it! I'm not going to love the cold, though, and the snow and ice, but to be able to speak Swedish with people, to drive a car again, to eat Swedish food - even Swedish fast-food! Oh, I miss our delicious pizzas!! - and most of all to see my family again, to walk into my room, to hug my wonderful cat so tightly that I'll probably never let go and she'll probably scratch my face... It's right, what people say: you never know what you have until you're away from it - 'home sweet home'.

Have you guys ever felt so homesick that you've started to miss the strangest little things? Would love to hear it!